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Exciting Journey Continues!

Hello, world! It’s me, a self-taught artist, anesthesiologist, and surgeon from India. Through the language of colors and shapes, I’ve embarked on a journey to address the core of humanity — focusing on social issues, human rights, mental health, and empowering those with disabilities.
My art has journeyed through the bustling life of the London underground, lit up the vibrant screens of Times Square, embraced the history of Athens, contributed to the innovation at the Swiss Expo, and added its essence to the prestigious Biennale Venice in 2022. I’m thrilled to announce that my journey will continue at the Biennale Venice in 2024, embracing the title of Ambassador of Art.
Each piece tells a story — a narrative deeply rooted in the passion I hold for art and humanity. Having showcased my work across the globe and hosted several solo shows in the USA, I’ve been honored with numerous awards and certificates that validate this passion. But for me, the true reward is your support and engagement.
I invite you to be part of this journey. Let’s connect, explore, and speak through art. Together, we can illuminate the world and make a difference, one art piece at a time.
#ArtForChange #VoiceThroughArt #GlobalArtJourney
 Let’s make this journey memorable. Share, like, and comment your thoughts below. Stay tuned for more tales told through the brush!

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